Here are the rules of this wiki.

  • You may have as many articles under your name, but you must have permisson from a moderator or adim  to get more than 10.
    • Do not use page comments to swear, bully, insult or advertise your own wiki, (in the case of advertising, instead try to see if you are eligible for a partnership).
    • Per the above, do not use pages, votes, threads and comments to advertise signups, M.A.P parts, and so on. This can be done on forum threads on the "News and Announcements" board or in a blog post.
    • You cannot advertise your wiki on any of the pages, blogposts, or threads. If you're interested, you can sign up for a partnership.
    • Do not target or harass other users (i.e writing something like "eww what clan looks like that" or telling someone to "go die >:(((((" in the comments). This is considered bullying and will not, under any circumstances, be tolerated.